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Age - Classification

The following classes are counted:

Juniors. Main class . AK 30 . AK 35  . AK 40  . AK 45  . AK 50  . AK 55  . AK 60  . AK 65  . AK 70


Every 1st - 3rd place Male Dog / female . . gets a trophy. From the AK +75 only male starter first be - 3 count.


For the 3rd fastest overall run of Mondsee ( male and female) there are cash prizes in the amount of

1st place € 300
2nd place € 200
3rd place € 100

The / The best Austrian / in will also receive a bonus of € 100
NEW 2014 - The club with the most starting Participating agents receive at the Mondsee run a trophy !

Season rating

When the relay race is available for each third fastest in the categories of trophies.

Season male
Season female
Mixed Relay

For the season , there is no age limit and no ages!


Mondsee in the Salzkammergut run TOP3 rating

Starting this year, the Mondsee run counts also for new Salzkammergut TOP3 Cup. Besides the time of Mondsee run, the run results of the Emperor run in Bad Ischl Kaiserlauf and the Wolfgangsee run therein are counted .

The winner is who handles the total 69.2 km fastest . A separate registration form for the Salzkammergut not necessary TOP3 ranking.