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Kids- and students run Mondsee


Union Lauffreunde Mondsee, OK Team: Karl Mörtl, Michael Sanio, Franz Widlroither, Florian Mörtl, Gabi Sanio


04th june 2016 - 5.00 p.m (the youngest participants begin)

Sign Up

Sign in via Pentek (also again on the subscribe button insert)
On-site registration: as for the "big" the gallery Mondsee clock 14:00 bis 16:30 clock

Entry fee

Nominal charge 5 € (late registration + 2 € and the late registration fee will be donated to charity)

All children and students receive at the start number picking up a ChampionChip company Pentek (no extra costs for the children). This chip is after throwing event in the finish area in the prepared tray => Thank you!

Every child and every student reaches the target receives a commemorative medal.
For the fastest three in each age group (girls and boys are classified separately) obtained at the award ceremony a trophy (same design as in adults)

The following age classes / divisions are considered and undertaken:

Track length  corresponds to the age of          girls              boys
100m           6 and 5                                  2009/2010       2009/2010
350m           8 and 7                                  2007/2008       2007/2008
500m          10 and 9                                 2005/2006       2005/2006
1000m        12 and 11                                2003/2004       2003/2004
1500m        14 and 13                                2001/2002       2001/2002

The trails are located in the pedestrian zone in Mondsee. The longest round is 500m, which is to be traversed by the older children 2 to 3 times. From the target area about 90% of the route for caregivers is cost.

Unterstützung - Gesunde Gemeinde


Wir bedanken uns bei der Marktgemeinde Mondsee für die Unterstützung beim Kinderlauf durch die Organisation des Rahmenprogramms und der Sachpreise! 



Sachpreise_Rahmenprogramm Mondseelauf

Laufsport begeistert

Wir freuen uns auf viele junge Laufprofis. Viel Spaß wünscht das Team der UNION LAUFFREUNDE MONDSEE!