This year again, all competitions will take place on one day, Saturday the 4th of June 2022.

And all runners will start from the Marktplatz (city centre) Mondsee. The kids start in the early afternoon followed by the teenagers. After the joint award ceremony we continue with the half marathon runners, then the 10 km runners followed by the participants of the 5 km run.

MondseeHaus-Half Marathon

The classic distance leads along the Mondsee, towards St. Lorenz, then along the foot of the Drachenwand and back to the lake. The finish line leads towards the alley to the Marktplatz (city centre) Mondsee. ...

Sumsi-Kids Run

The kids run will take place on Saturday afternoon. This year's run will take place on a new circuit from the Marktplatz through the alley. Around the run, an attractive social program awaits you!


Start in teams of 3 to 5 runners! Whether you are running individually the half marathon or on the 10 km track - the team counts the time for the first 10 km of the three fastest of you.

BWT 10-km run

The start is from the Marktplatz, through the alley down to the lake. The magnificent route along the lake leads with a view towards the Drachenwand to the church of St.Lorenz, where you already turn by the big lime tree ....

5-km run

For the second time we can offer you a leisurely 5 kilometers run along the Mondsee lakeshore towards Schwarzindien as part of the Mondseer Lauftages ...

CUP: top-3-runningcup

Start at all three Salzkammergut races and get - without additional registration - your top-3-Runningcup finisher medal (Mondseelauf, Bad Ischl Kaiserlauf, Wolfgangseelauf) classic: total 69.2 km or light: total 28.44 km ...